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Inventions and Ideas That Improve How We Do Things

Whether you just have an old cliché envelope sketch, a ‘Pinky and The Brain’ chemical formula, or a “what if, moment,” bringing your ideas to life is a simple matter of first sharing them. By getting feedback from others is one of the best ways of discovering if there is a demand for your solution.

So what if there was a place where you could do just that; share your ideas, get feedback and eventually see your idea come to life in the real world. So on that note and just for fun, I have an idea… here is a question just to get you inspired:

Q: Have you ever tried replacing a 5 Gallon bottle of a typical water dispenser without spilling?

If yes, then without a doubt you have also experienced the problem with spillage when tipping the large 5-gallon bottle over the top of a water dispenser or ‘cooler’ – then again maybe it’s just me…

Anyway, often in our daily lives as we encounter irritations in the way some things work, it is not uncommon to think-up a vague idea in your mind, as to how this irritation may be resolved. And just as you continue with your daily life you stumble on a device or something that reminds you of your old idea – already in actual use, or on the shelf of a store. And you say… I had that idea!

So, how do I sort out the water cooler problem?

Just for fun, I have an idea

And although there may well be a number of devices and methods used for overcoming this problem already.

Well, I am going to pretend there are no such devices or methods, plus, I will also assume that costs are probably a reason why this problem has not yet been widely resolved.

So, I need to come up with an idea that wouldn’t be costly to manufacture.

The Challenge

How do you produce a device which both prevents spillage and integrates inexpensively with the existing manufacturing process – therefore keeping the costs to a minimum?

Why not perforate the tamper-proof seal into segments, just enough so that it does its job of withstanding the pressure of the water when the bottle’s opening is in a pouring position. The intention is that after a few seconds the seal finally breaks under the pressure of 5 gallons worth of water pushing against it.

Inventions And Ideas That Improve How We Do Things

– This seal could be extra protected with a peelable layer of water-resistant film.

– The material used will need to be tested for its strength, or lack of, at resisting water pressure…

Research similar concepts…

– The mouth of the dispenser may have a piercing device that breaks the seal…

– Get valuable feedback from research…

water stopper go2 - Inventions And Ideas That Improve How We Do Things

However, with the bottle cover and peelable film layer removed and the seal still intact, you will be able to securely place your 5-gallon bottle into the dispensers bottle holder.

The perforated seal will break under the weight and allow the water to pass through.

Providing you do not hold the bottle upside down and out of position for too long, you will be able to replace your 5-gallon water bottles from now on without spilling a drop.

Sure there are still many questions about this supposed solution, such as what happens to the remnants produced by the seal ? or What if the perforation does not break? But ya got start somehere!

About the Quirky Community Platform.

I think I will need to explore exactly how a dispenser works and perhaps take a look at the manufacturing process. Also what other possibilities… a seal that safely dissolves in water maybe ?

I don’t know. But wasn’t that fun !

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Share Ideas, Get feedback, Influence, Make it Real and the World Prospers.

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