Setting Up Online Payments 7 Point Checklist Basics

Setting Up Online Payments

Collecting Data for Designing Better User Experiences

– Continuing from where we left off;

here is a scenario you can experience for yourself whilst at the same time helping you take care of the typical blind spots when marketing your product.

It’s an example of how very simple factors, if overlooked, can result in leaving your audience feeling at a lost… 


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Okay, the following demonstrates just one of the many common types of situations you may find yourself in, whilst creating and preparing content for an online marketing and advertising campaign. It is intended to highlight the type of vagaries that occur which may or may not be in your control.


1. Check that all your links are correct and lead the user to the intended destination. So, let’s imagine you have a product going at a bargain price. You proceed to design your page by first entering something like; 55% Off Photo-Editing Software

You then ‘burst your brains’ coming up with a short description followed with a ‘buy now’ and ‘learn more’ button. Finally, you’re all set to run your paid ad campaign…

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Annoying, isn’t it?

When you find that after running your paid ad campaign, you discover that you have entered the wrong destination links…

That’s money down the drain through carelessness;  Well, it’s not always due to carelessness, but sometimes it could be due to some unexpected third-party intervention. Which you may have no control of.

What you do have control of, is that you ensure that when someone arrives at your page, there is some connection with the message or image associated with the target link. In that way, you may salvage at least some trust or familiarity for a second shot.

Nonetheless, there is still nothing more confusing than when, as a user, you arrive at a page with no apparent connection to what may have triggered you to show interest in the first place.


2. Check that it is easy for the user to recognize your offer? Beside your call to action or product offer, any third-party integration with delivery and fulfillment services, payment gateways and so on, all need to be part of a seamless journey throughout the ordering process.


3. Check that your ordering or download function works correctly?Remember, you would like it your way – or the highway!  Keep your visitors happy within the understanding you intend.

It is normally best to always provide acknowledgment of successful transactions; conclude each action the user commits with a clear response. A ‘thank you’ page is a common example.

4. Is your ordering or download process easy to follow? The internet and software normally aim at being intuitive enough to meet most user’s expectations. However, this is a difficult task with there being so many variables to consider and especially when designing for so many different people.

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So what happens when things go wrong? What causes the breakdown?

Well, to start with, there is the absence of the human to human interface… So what are we left with – imagination?

…yes, we have to use more imagination.

So imagine, those typical, almost subconscious abilities we have and use every day for reading into things like; facial expressions, different tones of voice, body language, and so on… Imagine, they’re all gone (well, sort of). And instead, you have to rely on completing the gaps based on what may be the most probable expectations in the minds of your users.


5. Are you also capturing details for your mailing list? When you hear marketers ‘banging on’ about building relationships, there is a good reason for this.  Having a means for communicating and building a rapport with your audience is where you can help with filling in the perception gaps that are formed. As an ongoing practice, providing a subscription form for collecting the details of interested visitors to your offer is a useful standard method of support for building relationships.


6. Do your links lead to any third-party in a discordant manner? One of the perhaps overlooked aspects of developing a flowing user experience is ensuring that any third-party integration does not stand out like a sore thumb. A third-party integration that works in a way that is congruent with your setup, tone of voice and brand normally provides the preferred user experience.


7. Do you have a page for ‘legal’ details? Who reads privacy policies and disclosures anyway? You’d be surprised but more people than you’d ever believe actually do. Even the result of a small test I performed in the past, seem to back this up. But don’t just take my word for it – research or test for yourself!

Now, although the above checklist might seem quite basic, it does, however, help with alleviating the chances of those unpredictable tasks that may sometimes crop up…

Setting Up Online Payments

…All with the difficulty of anything between the difference of hitting the bull’s eye of a moving target, to the simplicity of catching fish in a barrel.   

What are your most annoying things about the internet? (please comment below)

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Setting Up Online Payments

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