Inspiring The Creative Aspects Of Your Business & Lifestyle



Inspiring The Creative Aspects Of Your Business & Lifestyle

Should I Start A WordPress Blog For Business – Is it really worth it?

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Inspiring The Creative Aspects Of Your Business & Lifestyle

Fashion Innovations – 3D Printed Clothing

  At Home With Danit Peleg and Her 3D Printed Fashion Design Dresses. I always felt most creative working when I worked from home... It was during the compiling of ...
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Business Relationships Through Email – How?

Don’t believe that just because I have signed up to your email list or newsletter, I will be overjoyed at receiving a load of junk, unrelated buy, buy, buy! emails ...
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Search Engine Optimisation, But Which SEO Tools?

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What Are The Benefits In Creating Or Using Vector Graphics?

Creating Digital Vector Drawings - Using Blends and Paths. Working with Vector Paths - The Basics. The one undeniable advantage and really useful benefit with vector artwork, i.e. graphics created ...
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Setting Up Online Payments 7 Point Checklist Basics

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Using Blends and Paths in Your Digital Vector Drawings …

Working with  Vector Paths


The one undeniable advantage and really useful benefit with artwork created using ‘paths,’ is, the flexibility it allows with regards to the reprographic aspects of working with images for commercial purposes.  i.e. resizing, print ready, resolution or image quality, etc.

Dealing with issues such as; resizing, creating (camera) print-ready artwork, resolution or image quality, etc. are simplified 10 fold with the use of images in vector format.

Basically, there are 3 types of paths; curved, closed and straight.

Of course, vector graphics have its limits, however, the illustration below demonstrates how a combination of these vector paths, along with blends and color fills, can produce a wide range of effects.


Digital Vector Drawings Tips Beginner

Q: Does having the latest version of Adobe Illustrator matter – Can I achieve the same results with older versions?

A: You really do not need to have the latest version of Illustrator to create Illustrations with Blends.

The principles are the same, although, over the years most of the tools found within the Adobe Illustrator® software have evolved; allowing digital artist greater control and ease of use. Bear in mind that Older versions of the software can equally achieve the same visual results.

Nonetheless, understanding the basics of using paths is primarily what you need to know about for creating the more detailed type of vector illustration.


harley-vector-draw-illustrator? - Digital Vector Drawings Tips Beginner

Understanding the use of Paths in Illustrator.

The video above explains what paths are and how they work. Understanding how paths work will help you better construct and compose your vector drawings.

Additionally, you will intuitively know where to make considerations for when applying blends to the variety of shapes and situations you encounter during the construct of your drawing.


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Digital Vector Drawings Tips Beginner

music_listentoPrimeMusic - Digital Vector Drawings Tips Beginner

Design Website Care – But Which; Managed or Continue With Self-Hosting?

Website Design Care – But Which; Managed Or Continue With Self-Hosting?


NOTE: To begin with, web site Care is currently only available to my clients.

I will help you build your first professional WordPress website. All you need to do is provide me with, preferably, a detailed brief of your requirements and intentions, plus any graphical elements you may have i.e. you logo, images, and any other relevant items. Click here when available

I can also arrange your website hosting, domain name registration or even migration where necessary. Alternatively click here when available

If you also require Social Media help, I can incorporate this option into your chosen plan.

What is Design Website Care About?

It’s about forming relationships with individuals or small businesses that need that initial bit of help with launching their WordPress websites. 

We take the time to learn about your business and your website needs by performing a website audit.  Where we can gather enough information to determine which long-term WordPress paths regarding software and resources you may take.

Most clients start out with us managing their hosting account; we take care of their hosting until they are ready to take the task on themselves. Be it personally or with the help of a referred webmaster.


With the ever increasing demands, constant security update enhancements, bug fixes, upgrades and the need for ongoing maintenance has become an everyday part of running a WordPress website.

Now, as a client of mine, your website may be hosted from my personal self-hosted account. Alternatively, you may also have granted me access to your very own personal self-hosted account to manage on your behalf. There is an alternative to this that you may not be aware of. Please read on and feel free to leave any comments and  suggestions below:

Saving You Hours.

Website Design Care – But Which; Managed Or Continue With Self-Hosting?

Which; or

In brief, the difference is that one provides for self-hosted website owners and the other for managed website hosting.

To elaborate; there is a narrowing gap between what is achievable with both a ‘managed ’ website hosting service and a self-hosted website. Especially in terms of addressing the objectives behind why anyone with an online business website would desire as much flexibility as possible.

Unlike a managed hosting service, the self-hosted option invariably provides you with more control over the customization and configuration of a site.

Although through the use of plugins and other software, with a self-hosted WordPress site, there is an unlimited number of integrations you can add, that will help alleviate some of the pressures of responsibility and the demands of running a self-hosted site.

However, if you just simply want as little to do with the technical side of things…

…How about the managed website hosting option?

For one, you could opt for a managed WordPress hosting plan with your own domain name for as little as $2.99 and up to  $24.92 per month for a small business plan. ( by the way, the $2.99 doesn’t include the cost for a domain name – what do you think this is?)

With such an account you relinquish the responsibility and hassle involved with managing a self-hosted website.

On the other hand – with a self-hosted site, whilst the maintenance of your site falls squarely on your shoulders. You ultimately also have full control of managing and customizing your site ‘to the nth degree’.

If you have no time, web design skills or technical experience, hiring the right people for specific tasks may be an option.

So Which; Managed or Self-Hosting?

Although the flexibility afforded by a WordPress self-hosted website and that of a  managed hosting website is increasingly narrowing. And in my opinion, there are still many additional routes you can take in achieving what you want, either way.

However, it can still be said that the choosing of one over the other is dependent on factors such as suitability versus affordability. Also, the clarity of your objectives and technical experience will help determine the route which is best suited for you.

But you want a more definitive answer?

If your website objectives and needs are fairly straightforward and free of the need for third-party integration; miscellaneous website additions and the type of customization that requires you ‘to know code’ – if you do not need so much flexibility, then the managed hosting option is probably suitable for you.

try managed wp hosting - Website Design Care – But Which; Managed Or Continue With Self-Hosting?

What type of flexibility will self-hosting allow me?

So, to quickly break it down, think of an instant e-commerce store solution. Let’s say Shopify.  Now, let’s say you wanted to take your Shopify store and display your products on your WordPress website.

Well, by simply inserting the relevant code or plugin as instructed, you have the freedom to simultaneously display the products configured at your Shopify store, all from within the web pages of your WordPress website.

So, as you see, there are often multiple ways around getting things done using WordPress. WordPress is adept for a range of different tasks and possibilities,  and especially with a self-hosted WordPress site.

Once your site is setup and running you’ll have other concerns to focus on, such as generating website traffic. And being prepared to receive an influx of website visitors is one factor often overlooked.

Self-hosted VPS (Virtual Private Server)

The busier a website gets the more the quality of performance matters, especially if you’re out to ‘hit hard’, and generate lots of traffic.

In my opinion, whether or not you decide to upgrade to a higher quality server or not,  essentially lies on whether your current state warrants having that extra boost.

Depending on where you feel you are, with regards to the development of your WordPress business website. VPS hosting is a good step forward in the right direction if you are ready to start grabbing authority.

Click Nurturing – Website Design Care

website design care service featured - Website Design Care – But Which; Managed Or Continue With Self-Hosting?

Image Editing Software

Website Design Care – But Which; Managed Or Continue With Self-Hosting?


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