Design From Another Perspective?

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Design From Another Perspective?

How Many Ways Can You Say ‘Helvetica’ in Picture Form?

If a picture is worth a  thousand words, saying ‘Helvetica’ should be easy. So my typographer friend decided to call all the social media networks to find out why his ...
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architecture drawing architect header - Design From Another Perspective?

How Do I Become An Architect Online?

What do I need to know before studying to become an architect? As an architect, you will be responsible for undertaking projects that require the assurance of safety and functionality ...
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do yo really need a blog - Design From Another Perspective?

Should I Start A WordPress Blog For Business – Is it really worth it?

With the likes of content management systems such as WordPress. It’s understandably easy to guess why many of us jump feet first and start building a blog without really knowing ...
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Design From Another Perspective?

Fashion Innovations – 3D Printed Clothing

  At Home With Danit Peleg and Her 3D Printed Fashion Design Dresses. I always felt most creative working when I worked from home... It was during the compiling of ...
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which email - Design From Another Perspective?

Business Relationships Through Email – How?

Don’t believe that just because I have signed up to your email list or newsletter, I will be overjoyed at receiving a load of junk, unrelated buy, buy, buy! emails ...
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website traffic and seo tools - Design From Another Perspective?

Search Engine Optimisation, But Which SEO Tools?

SEO Tools Basics And Why WordPress: Shedding some light on your website’s activity, is a crucial practice for determining how best to move forward with the progress of your websites. Even ...
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20 – Part Shopify Ecommerce Video Course | Page 1 of 4

Introduction to Ecommerce Video Course –

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woppd ecom videos



20 – Part Shopify Ecommerce Video Course | Page 2 of 4


Video 6 – Third-party Apps


Video 7 – Shopping Cart Checkout



Video 8 – Facebook Pixel Intro



Video 9 – Add Facebook Pixel to Your Shopify Store



Video 10 – Advertising Roadmap



Using Blends and Paths in Your Digital Vector Drawings …

Working with  Vector Paths

The one undeniable advantage and really useful benefit with artwork created using ‘paths,’ is, the flexibility it allows with regards to the reprographic aspects of working with images for commercial purposes.  i.e. resizing, print ready, resolution or image quality, etc.

Dealing with issues such as; resizing, creating (camera) print-ready artwork, resolution or image quality, etc. are simplified 10 fold with the use of images in vector format.

Basically, there are 3 types of paths; curved, closed and straight.

Of course, vector graphics have its limits, however, the illustration below demonstrates how a combination of these vector paths, along with blends and color fills, can produce a wide range of effects.


Digital Vector Drawings Tips Beginner

Q: Does having the latest version of Adobe Illustrator matter – Can I achieve the same results with older versions?

A: You really do not need to have the latest version of Illustrator to create Illustrations with Blends.

The principles are the same, although, over the years most of the tools found within the Adobe Illustrator® software have evolved; allowing digital artist greater control and ease of use. Bear in mind that Older versions of the software can equally achieve the same visual results.

Nonetheless, understanding the basics of using paths is primarily what you need to know about for creating the more detailed type of vector illustration.

harley-vector-draw-illustrator? - Digital Vector Drawings Tips Beginner

Understanding the use of Paths in Illustrator.

The video above explains what paths are and how they work. Understanding how paths work will help you better construct and compose your vector drawings.

Additionally, you will intuitively know where to make considerations for when applying blends to the variety of shapes and situations you encounter during the construct of your drawing.


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Digital Vector Drawings Tips Beginner

music_listentoPrimeMusic - Digital Vector Drawings Tips Beginner


3D Printing on Shapeways Using Maya

 Using 3D Printing Technology

3D Printing has been around for some time now, at least long before the technology started rolling out in the form of desktop machines commercially available to the public. There are many types of 3D Printers, from machines made for sculpting food, to those dealing with building objects from robust materials.

images by sculpteo 3d+printer-1k copy

images: Sculpteo


The What if, of 3D Printing

3D Printing from Home

3D Printing Artists

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