Business Relationships Through Email – How?

Can You Really Build Relationships Using Email Marketingemail bombard - Can You Really Build Relationships Using Email MarketingDon’t believe that just because I have signed up to your email list or newsletter, I will be overjoyed at receiving a load of junk, unrelated buy, buy, buy! emails from you…

Now that I have your attention, let me just say that this post is mostly intended for those considering email marketing as part of their businesses promotional strategy.

You want a marketing solution equipped with tools for not only capturing leads but also a 1 stop home for designing your own landing and sales pages.

Below, I highlight some of the benefits of email marketing and mention a few of the related tools and resources available.

In my opinion, email marketing is not only a component of your overall customer relationship management process but also an alternative or even standalone means of acquiring and building a relationship with your customers. And of course, get them to see your offers.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy building an email list from scratch – so start with your existing customers, if you have any.

Most of the tools mentioned below are either free or within an affordable price range for most individuals or small online businesses.

Take a look and let me know what you think. And if you have something to add or share, please do.

(above: EmailSpike is software that allows you to include a countdown timer and video to your email)

List Building Through Email Marketing – The Tools.

Any business person will tell you; in order to sell your ‘art’ or any other product, you need people to sell to – right?

Now, this needn’t be one-on-one, or on a face-to-face basis – ’course not, there’s the Internet!. And of course, you’ll need to have a product or service that people actually want, or are at least willing to spend for. 

word of mouth - Can You Really Build Relationships Using Email Marketing

Email marketing works as an automated gateway for familiarizing your audience with your business as well as forming a community of followers.

This is where, unless you have already done so, win the hearts and minds of your audience by truly presenting a ‘stage’ for rapport by providing valuable information, and where applicable, an invitation for establishing an ‘open floor’ for discussion in a forum, group or other membership.

There are many services available out there, many of which are mentioned or referenced in some form in this post. The immediate list below includes just some of the services I have tried myself or have been strongly recommended by members of the various communities I sometimes follow.

I have listed a few below in comparative pairs for your own research.

ConverKit  vs Mailchimp
(ConvertKit is said to be easier to use – Mailchimp has lots more useful features including integration with Facebook Ads)

GetRepsonse vs AWeber
(both of these have been around for a while and have grown in the number of features available; including landing/squeeze pages)

MailerLite vs MinuteMailer
(ideal for quick, minimal fuss email marketing)

There are many other similar emailing systems available online. Each offering the same basic features of allowing you to create web forms for embedding on you own website; listing your subscribers and segmenting, customising your newsletters and emails. The more advance systems may go as far as integrate with your ‘customer flow’.

Make your readers feel comfortable

To really create that ‘vibe’ of having a rapport with your subscribers, once you get them, you need to take an approach which allows you to speak to their concerns and interests. Inevitably where a customer can relate to your messages or actions, the better the chance of a good relationship forming.

So perhaps as an ongoing process, consider the practice of collecting the real full names of visitors subscribing through your website ‘opt-in’ forms. In this way, your communication can be more personal.

Eventually, you can personalize their experiences even further by employing a ‘predictive’ type automation or technology with your ecosystem, where each customer’s journey through your online business is specifically tailored for them.

Plus, most people are more likely to make purchases from people they feel they know and can trust. List building allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers. Making those connections will boost your trustworthiness, encouraging additional sales.

How and Why Should I Build an Email List?

Even if you’re new to promoting your online business, you’ve probably heard that same old saying more than a thousand times; “The money is in the list”. And you know, it’s kinda true; building a list of responsive and interested individuals is probably the most powerful way to maintain a profitable online business.

Once you start building a list you can easily begin marketing your own product or service. If you don’t have your own product, start as an affiliate partner.

This is a really easy method of generating online income without having a product of your own. You can send your new list messages or reviews about the products you are promoting and earn a commission for any sales made.

Which is why email marketing is one of those marketing strategies you simply can’t afford to ignore. But it can also be fairly difficult…

There are 3 factors in list building you need to consider:

1. Your Opt-in Page (with web form)

2. The Incentive (call-to-action)

3. The Thank You Page (this may include a download link)

Let’s face it, and you can probably relate to this too, but, in most cases, people need to see a marketing message more than once before taking action.  So, besides your email messages, you may also engage in social media marketing.

How do I start building a list, will it take long?

First, you will need a good website form builder in order to collect the details of your visitors. There are many good options that allow integration with other platforms, including social media, some you may already be familiar with. Using Mailchimp you can even do this directly within Facebook.

Typically your form is placed on a landing or squeeze page specifically designed to do one thing –  convince your visitors to become part of your list by surrendering their names and email address. Adding too much information may defeat the purpose.

In many cases, businesses encourage subscribers by offering something of value as a giveaway.

Landing Page or Squeeze Page Basics Checklist

1. No outgoing links –  with the exception of the “submit” button – do not give your visitor the opportunity to wander away from your form.

2. Keep your message brief – try not to give away too much information.

3. Your CTA ( Call To Action) should be clear and include the value of subscribing.

4. Offer a good “bribe” – Offer something of value for subscribers.
eg. cheat-sheets, reports and ebooks, graphic resource, templates etc.

Online list building is a powerful way to improve your Internet marketing performance. It’s not a coincidence that top marketers all rely on their lists. So it might be true – “The money is in the list!”

Email List Building Strategies and Tools

Okay, so you’re still reading….

Maybe you need a list too.  it’s the most tried and tested method for maintaining a (semi) captive audience. Especially as you can market to your list whenever you want. Keep you list fresh by continually seeking new subscribers, but of all, keep your messages relevant and exciting as you do not want to suffer the consequence of ‘list fatigue’.

ThriveLeads – One of the most flexible web form builders for WordPress users.
fb-3 - Can You Really Build Relationships Using Email Marketing

More on Landing and Squeeze Pages.

Although it may not be a ‘given’ amongst marketers, however, I personally like to think of landing pages as a more elaborate version of a squeeze page.  

Unlike landing pages, squeeze pages have the one and only tasks of attempting to squeeze your visitor’s details from them. So, obviously, it has to be carefully constructed, with the ‘opt-in responses’ and other related links correctly placed.

If you want to add an extra ‘kick’ to your landing pages, as opposed to your squeeze pages, adding video may help. Remember, videos have been proven to aid with arousing curiosity and far easier to consume than reading for many people. There are also a great number of list building systems that provide squeeze page templates for adding video.

Ideas for your incentive, or bribe…

Nobody likes spam, so people are very careful with whom they give their email addresses to. Therefore your incentive or ‘bribe’ must not only be compelling by providing real value but must also be trustworthy.

Here are a few ideas of what you may give away:

A report or e-book

Software – (eg. a downloadable app)

Training videos

An email training series… (using an autoresponder)

Ultimately, the success of this all boils down to having good quality content, products, and services. However, as hinted earlier your ‘give away’ also needs to be something of value; something that’s appreciated or helpful to your audience in some way.

Not confident? You can always hire a writer.

If you have the budget, or if you’re not confident about creating content yourself, you can always hire a writer to produce content for you. Simply brief the writer with the topic plus any other relevant detail. An alternative to hiring a writer would be to buy the license of a white label or PLR product which you can sell, or give away as your own.

What is an Autoresponder ‘System’?

I call it a system because it can involve many different parts. During your email marketing research or initiation, you may well have come across terms such as; autoresponder, follow-up email series or sequence, and bulk email.

Well, with an autoresponder, you can create a sequence of automated email messages, newsletters, or even a training course, all scheduled for sending out at different dates or when triggered by members of your mailing list.

The Opt-in Success Page – ‘Thank you’

The “thank you” page is normally where your subscriber is notified that their submission has been successful. You may also include a link to your ‘give away’, or simply provide this detail with your automated email setup.

This is where your visitor goes after opting into your list. It’s nice to give them some great content right away. That way, you make them feel reassured or at the least, justified for giving up their email address. Now they are more likely to open your emails in the future.

Here are some more interesting resource worth taking a look at.

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Oh, and just to let you know, some of the links within this document may be related to one of my sponsors. In which case, it would be only right to inform you that if my referral results in a purchase by you. I may receive a commission. This does not affect you in any way, however, I thought you might like to know anyway.

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