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Packaging Identity Leo Quality Farms (Pre 2016)

Creative Design And Marketing Communication

Leo Quality Farms – Saint Lucia: Informational Exhibition Poster and Label Packaging Design.

The Product: Packaged Eggs and Exhibition Material
Brief: To produce posters and a video explaining LQFs hygiene and quality control program, information about LQF and the poultry industry.
The Objective: To highlight the new identity whilst introducing the public to the process and business of preparing for delivery to supermarkets and other local businesses. Learn More

egg packaging - Creative Design And Marketing Communication

Creative Design And Marketing Communication

brochure - Creative Design And Marketing Communication

Market Research

On Tuesday, October 28, 2008, stood in the Super J Mall, Waterfront, Saint Lucia, a market research exercise was conducted. Interacting with actual shoppers and monitoring their feedback on the latest labels for Leo Quality Farms, a local business located in the South of Saint Lucia. The results of our research demonstrated how a professionally designed label can significantly increase sales and opinion, and to witness this first hand, as the shelves had to be continuously refilled, it was a delight to watch. Although most of the comments were encouraging and positive, there was a few negatives ones.

Creative Design And Marketing CommunicationThe need for change.
Due to varying internal and external factors
there often comes a time when a business
needs to reassess its strategy. In the case of
Leo Quality Farms (LQF) this was definitely the case.

LQF felt there was a need to differentiate themselves by presenting a more authoritative, proud and reassuring persona. It was decided that a new design for both the LQF identity and packaging was required. The previous image did not represent the businesses philosophy concerning quality, health and safety, nor the fact that LQF were the only business within the region at the time, that employed such strict quality control procedures using relatively modern technology. It was felt this extra effort needed to be reflected in how the business presented itself.

Defining Who We Are
The methods used by LQF involves a strict hygiene and health program, with the aid of modern machinery (see video below), nothing new to developed countries such as the UK  and US, which was very different to how many of LQF’s competitors, at the time operated.

Therefore the focus of this exercise was directed towards highlighting the fact that Leo Quality Farms (LQF) offers a cutting edge quality service in comparison to it’s immediate

The brief for the new identity and packing
The brief was simply –  to stand out from the rest.

Keyword cues included :
Cutting Edge
To Look Premium  (Although the appearance gave the impression of a premium product LQF eggs actually cost the same as it’s competitors)

Here is what some of the shoppers had to say: (actual quotes)
“ Is it true that white eggs have less cholesterol ? ”
“ Are these eggs healthier? ”
“ What makes these eggs different? ”
“ These are fancy eggs”
“ You can see what you are buying”
“ where do they come from, are they local? ”
“ What is that! Imported eggs ?, How much ? ”
“ …bet they are expensive ? ”
“ …special eggs !!!! ? ”
“ I trust the old Styrofoam boxes ”
“ …really this is from here…makes me
proud to be Saint Lucian, I am from the
South too, I only work here.”

Based on what was said by shoppers at Super Js in Castries, Saint Lucia, one can gather the concerns of the public. With this information LQF intends to continue offering what the consumer wants, whilst remaining affordable.

Creative Design And Marketing Communication
(right) Nigel William
Proprietor of Leo Quality Farms




LQF Candling Process