What’s Blood Sucking, Irritating and Really Bad at Humming?


The Mosquito Net From Another View.

Wow, if there is anything I can truly say I hate, it would have to be the; sneaky, blood sucking, irritating, crap-tune-humming…yes you guessed – the mosquito.




Finding the perfect repellent solution is always a problem, depending on the occasion or when you have run-out of repellent spray. In the Caribbean  a smoke-fire comes in handy and at night whilst sleeping, the mosquito net  is essential.
Now, this is fairly new to me – I mean sleeping with a mosquito net. So to capture the experience I took these photos, which turns out to produce the some interestingly weird views.


So what’s my point?

Well, nothing overly significant, but simply a demonstration of how mundane items can be a lot more interesting when viewed from a different perspective.
In this case; what I see and take note of, but perhaps only because this is a new experience for me .


MosquitoNet-ZIE NET-DSC_0871-450x


In my opinion, this helps us move forward with how we may use imagery to convey mood and of course arouse individual emotions. What these images mean to me may be different to you.


Things you should know about mosquitoes >>


What if… there was a way that you could protect yourself from mosquito bites without having to wipe out the blighters. Insect repellent only seems to work some of the time, and that might just be down to chance!

 Is there an ultimate solution?

Watch this space, because when and if I find one, I will definitely post it here.



Smoke Painting | How to Paint With Smoke

painting with smoke

 How to Paint with Smoke

Getting to grips with using a cutlass for chopping firewood took me a
while, but it soon started to feel natural. One day whilst enthusiastically
hacking at some piece of wood, I realised that it was not a matter of
how hard you strike, but how you channel your strike.

A gentle controlled, almost whipping of the wrist, will give you that
shaven wood effect that fires like, plus you poise less danger to yourself…

It’s a sort of Chi and a nature thing (lol), if I had to describe the satisfying
sensation of looking like you know what you are doing. Hey, chopping
wood with a cutlass isn’t that easy!

After all the hard work, time for the fun; grab a white sheet of paper and use your intuition to create smoke painting like the ones below.Its just a matter of placing the paper over the smoke and moving it around.

Just when I thought this was a novel way of creating image effects, a quick search on the Internet tells me this is nothing new.

Smoke Toolkit

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My Perfect Backpack


‘Backpack’ for both your laptop and DSLR Camera



What if there was a backpack that would conveniently carry your DSLR Camera, Laptop and other equipment, such as spare lenses, portable hard drives and maybe a few documents – all without ‘squishing’ them ?





Finally, I found the perfect sized backpack, specifically made to carry an SLR Camera and Laptop. It has been some time since I had been keeping my eyes out for a rucksack or backpack that would conveniently allow me to carry both  my laptop and SLR camera.

 macbook pro vector

Don’t Forget Your Laptop.

Today it is not unusual to find a laptop as an essential tool amongst a photographers ‘bag of tricks’, so it all makes sense why you’d want to carry your laptop along with you, whilst shooting on location.

Plus, if you retouch your own photos you will need a computer and with editing software such as Photoshop and Aperture for managing and editing images.

Now, besides the obvious storage, basic retouching, image and colour correction and file management capabilities, your laptop can also be used for; creating time-lapse movies from multiple photos . There is also the sharing capability whilst on the move. So, for example, you can instantly share photos with your friends, clients, colleagues or the studio whilst out and about – pretty handy huh!



Right, let’s focus on the Case Logic SLRC-206 Backpack (pun intended)

What makes this bag so cool is the simple but effective ‘Camera Hammock’, conveniently located at the top of bag for quick and easy access. Whilst below this is a pigeon-hole styled set of adjustable compartments, for carrying all your lenses and other gear.

At the rear end of the Case Logic SLRC -206 Backpack i.e. the side that rests on your back whilst wearing, is the pocket for holding your laptop.


Learn More: CASE LOGIC SLRC206 Backpack

I also got the…

Nikon Remote Control – Ideal for Taking Self-Portraits

Whilst I am on the subject of photography accessories, here is a tiny neat gadget for taking ‘selfies’ with your Nikon DSLR, only kidding. No, but seriously you could.

But what really makes this a super useful gadget for me is how you can use it for tricky situations when compromising odd surfaces in place of a tripod, or for taking nature shots and getting up close to unsuspecting subjects.

 Photographer’s: BackPack


Manhattan View




These photos were shot just 2 days before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


The above shots include images from the opposite side of the River to Manhattan, between Williamsburg Bridge and Queens Midtown Tunnel, which is East of Roosevelt Island ( according to my map reading).

From here you can see the Chrysler and Empire State Building. To be more precise the photos above were taken from Long Island City at the location of the Gantry Plaza State Park, not too far from the famous Pepsi sign in Queens New York.


New York, Sandy’s Arrival.

Virgin Atlantic was the only flight service operating from New York that Monday morning. The night before I had witnessed flight after flight, being cancelled, it seemed inevitable that my flight would also be cancelled.

The following morning I had resigned to the fact that I would experience my second major storm or hurricane, the first being on the Island of St.Lucia.

I casually got up that Monday morning, checked Virgin online and… Yes, my flight was still on. So, in disbelief, I made a phone call to confirm – and you bet your last dollar, it was still on…

I wonder if anyone reading this was on that flight from the JF Kennedy Airport to the UK on Monday, October 29th, 2012.




So popular because of the TV shows, films, fashion and music; everyone knows New York as one of the most glamorous and influential cities in the world.

Engulfed by its overbearing skyscrapers, Downtown New York, and namely, Lower Manhattan is New York’s main centre for business and trading.



Get these images for your project here.




Discover the best food, fashion, events & bars in NYC. 


Find hidden gems, old faves & everything in between…

Discover the best food, fashion, events & bars in NYC. 

Find hidden gems, old faves & everything in between…


Design Basics: The Almost Forgotten Grid?

golden ratio section finonacci


When asked the question – Why complicate things using a grid or graph paper for drawing a logo, and what purpose does it serve, especially as you have a computer?

At first, I was stumped, as the words; proportion, balance, and standards automatically came to my mind. I wasn’t exactly sure what I meant by that, my reply was more impulsive than anything else. So It was for that reason I decided to take it upon myself and recap on the fundamentals and importance of the almost forgotten use of the grid in design.grid-construct-concieve-shape1

To start with, designs exist in their completed state without the grid being visible, where the grid is the underlying frame on which elements are positioned and shapes are formed, as in the case of say, the pages of a magazine or a logo. In short, the grid aids in the structuring and conceiving of shapes, proportion, balance, and symmetry.


Grid systems have been in use by architects and artist alike since pre-Christian times. The term ‘grid’ derives from the Latin word for rake, rastrum, which is also the name given to a five-pointed writing instrument, a little like a fountain pen with five nibs. This was used for producing the 5 lines of a musical stave or staff. The meaning was born out of the fact that when these lines are drawn both horizontally and vertically over each other, they form a unit of squares.

So, what makes this grid thing so important? Well, any professional designer who has worked in the industry where designs are produced for mass consumption will tell you of the importance of standards and consistency. Take for instance the typical 3-pin plug, which is designed in such a way that it will fit any power socket it was intended for, wherever in the world you are. Each pin is purposely positioned a given distance apart that allows the plug to be easily inserted into a wall socket. Underlying its structure is a grid, which determines the exact relationship between each pin.

A good example of the grid in action can be experienced with the building kit – LEGO ®, which irrespective of the elaborate constructions that can be made from these simple pieces, note how each component will readily fit any adjoining piece.

There are even special grids or graph paper that have been scaled to match LEGO ® elements, these special sheets of graph paper enables individuals to plan their own original LEGO ® models.

The grid may look complicated, but in actual fact it simplifies things. Its use is as an aid to creating designs that consider proportion, symmetry, and consistency. I will dig deeper into this subject at a later date. In the meanwhile, please feel free to add your worth in the comments below:

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