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At Home With Danit Peleg and Her 3D Printed Fashion Design Dresses.

I always felt most creative working when I worked from home…

It was during the compiling of her graduate collection at fashion school, that Danit Peleg decided to design an all 3D printed, ready-to-wear fashion collection entirely from home. 

Danit Peleg has been well received for her innovative approach, her work has subsequently been featured at the 2016 Paralympics Opening Ceremony.

Her creations are now available for online purchase. What it is that makes her creations so special is something you need to see for yourself – even better if you could touch!

With closer observation, you will notice just how intricately simple’ Peleg’s designs are; and ultimately positions the scope for fashion design and wearable fabrics on another level.

Liberté Filaflex.

It was the Filaflex 3D filament that helped Danit realize her goal in finding a material suitable for her 3D fabric; something stretchable as well as pliable enough for wearing as clothing. In fact, when worn in some cases, here dresses even suggest a bouncing motion with the wearer’s movement.

To get started with any 3D printed project you’ll need to go through the process of choosing the right filament, which is the material a 3D Printer uses to produce the physical object you have decided to reproduce. Filaflex allowed Peleg that flexibility she needed for her 3D fabric, something stretchable as well as pliable enough for wearing as clothing.

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3D Printing First Steps.

Assuming that you already have the skills or a known process for converting your designs from drawing to a print-ready 3D model. Your next step to producing a physical representation of your design is to hook-up your computer to a 3D Printer.

Connecting your computer to a 3D Printer in its simplest form is through a USB connection. However, you may be required to install the necessary software beforehand. MakerBot is one 3D Printer supplier that provides support for a simple ‘get started right out of the box’  type approach and are worth checking out.

All Rights reserved: Photo credit: Daria Ratiner

3d printing

3D Printing Heads Up…

… starting with, Heidi Lee, another designer to dance with the edge of technology boundaries. Check her work out here.

3D Printing in the medical world has opened the way for further advances in the treatment of patients requiring a transplant or corrective surgery. Exploration has excelled to the point where actual organs are being made today. [ read on ]

Did you know that Chuck Hull is known as the inventor of the stereolithography process?



What if you could email physical objects?

3d printed filament recipes

I mean really…like! create a 3D printed sweet or dessert, designed in your desired shape, patterns and taste . All built from layers of edible filaments.

You may well have shared a joke or two about emailing a friend a physical object in the past, and brushed it off as fanciful science fiction.

Well, actually emailing physical objects is possible… well, sort of.

Imagine Printed Food & Filament Recipes…

Just for fun, imagine in the future you may be able to email physical items, yep, delicious edibles sent over the internet to your friends, customers and… party guests?

Check out this possible future scenario.

Now watch these videos

 Starting with a brief explanation of what 3D Printing is.

3D Printing Materials

 Just some of the different types of material you can use for 3D printing.

3D Printing Food 

Infographic Transcript:

Hey, check out this delicious dessert I just made. Prepared with the healthiest chocolate, jam and a spongy – biscuity base.

Oh WOW!! that looks great! I could eat one right now (LOL).

Well come over, dinner won’t be ready until 6….

Oh no, I can’t….Music Practice!

I’ll email you one then…
You’ve got Chocolate 01-65 and Rasberry J01-43 filaments?

Yes, believe it or not, those are my favourite flavours.

Okay, the file is being sent this very moment…

Later that night it’s delicious Choco Flakes all round!

Should I Buy A 3D Printer?


3D Printing | Before You Buy – Technology Highlights!

(Since 2014?)


The 3D printer technology market has certainly continued to grow and innovate. Already, there are a number of services offering 3D printing services, in some form or the other.

Whether you are looking to buy an actual machine or simply to have an item tailor-made, there are businesses out there waiting to offer you their services.

Got A 3d Printer On Your Wish List?

Since the first news of 3D printer’s hitting the high streets, besides all the positive aspects, we have seen the raised controversy surrounding the use of 3D printing for manufacturing weapons, especially homemade. Fortunately, besides weapons, we have also experienced the ‘mini-me’ fascination – remember those miniature self-portrait  3D statues?

And now we’re witnessing examples of 3D printing being used for medical purposes, right through to intricately sculpting or rather building chocolate and pastries.

So, if you are really considering buying a 3D Printer…

If you are looking to buy a 3D printer, then currently a desktop-sized machine can easily be purchased for as little as £1,500, roughly the price of a mid-range G5 PowerMac in the days. The only thing then to worry about, that is; after spending your £1,500 on a 3D Printer is just how practical the models you will be able to make, and whether they can be used in real life situations.

You see, there are different printers for different purposes, materials and sizes and so on…

Fortunately, buying a machine is obviously not the only option available though. You can also call on the services of the many suppliers available.

The two that most caught my attention, whilst ‘sailing the net’ was;  Sculpteo and  Shapeways, with MakerGeeks as an interesting place to explore both printers and accessories. All the services mentioned provide a means for artist and designers to realize their ideas in physical 3D form. Plus there are lots of inspirational examples that demonstrate the flexibility of 3D printing.

The prices of 3D printers are becoming increasingly affordable for the regular consumer. If you really think you can benefit from being an early adopter of the technology. And you have the spare cash, by all means, go for it.

In the meantime look out for the unlocking of patents, which will see greater competition from global suppliers and advanced 3D Printing features and capabilities to be revealed…

images: formlabs and sculpteo

3D Printing (Flex EcoPLA): Flexible designs like tires, robot tracks and more… Flex EcoPLA is easy to print with and works with any 3D Printer.

Is 3D Printing for your everyday Person?

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