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Why choose Bluehost as your website hosting supplier…

Follow these tips for a smooth journey:
Start by selecting a domain name. This is the address where people will find your website pages. For example:

It’s NOT Just About Costs…

Selecting a web hosting provider can be quite challenging for new internet entrepreneurs. And no wonder, hosting services are often very cagey and have no problem with selling you extra services you do not really want or even need.

Bluehost provides a comprehensive service, from registering a domain name right through to marketing resource, as well as items you may not need. However, you are never pressured into buying anything.

Now, as you go along the journey of finding a suitable hosting service, you will discover that there are so many to choose from. Most offering very competitive rates – some even with a pay once,  host for life offer ( makes you wonder).

The competition between hosting services can be fairly aggressive. What you might also discover is that there are a number of hosting services belonging to a single company.

It’s a Clique Trend Thing – Maybe?

Some people are put-off by large organisations and you may find forum and social media cliques who without reasonable justification, criticise the larger and popular hosting services.

I have been with several hosting services and I can tell you first-hand that they all have their good and bad points. They all suffer with technical issues from time to time. And of course there are those that are simply terrible.

If you are new to building especially a WordPress websites, Bluehost makes it easy for you to setup.

Quality of Service, Support and Everything You Need Under One Roof.

If it was a simple case of choosing the web host with the least expensive service, deciding would be a little easier, especially if you were not concerned about the quality of service and support.

However, quality of service and support are 2 very important factors when deciding on a hosting service. In my personal experience Bluehost provides both and a lot  more.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there has been times when I have been really mad with Bluehost.

However with all the pro and cons weighed out, by comparison to other hosting services, their support and flexibility has certainly given them the edge over most other hosting services in my mind.

Flexibility and Pricing Plan

If price is  your only deciding factor then Bluehost has a pricing plan for you – for as little as $3.95 / month for shared hosting, with the capability to expand as your demands grow.

Great for Hosting WordPress Sites

If you are starting a WordPress website then Bluehost is an excellent choice. On signing up and selecting the 1 Click WordPress install you will seamlessly be guided through options for selecting your WordPress theme and other related tools without ever having to leave the Bluehost environment.

This may demonstrate just how price may not be the ideal criteria for choosing a web hosting service.

You need to take other factors into consideration, plus you need to be aware of the general quality of these services; what are they like regarding downtime? What restrictions are there on the number of domain names, or add-on domains you can have?

Whilst it is perfectly fine to be price sensitive, especially if you are new to the Internet and perhaps just testing the waters.

Be careful not to commit yourself to a service that is really offering a lot less than appears in its promotions.

If you intend on using WordPress for site, then it may be a good idea to use hosting that provides support specifically for WordPress.

However, if you need the type of flexibility demanded by professional businesses, be careful not to get tied to being restricted to only WordPress. You may for example need to create a ‘standalone’ html pages or other special websites that are not built using WordPress.

With that said,  you may well have noticed a great number of Internet hosting providers selling web space for your internet site totally free.

This may seem like a great deal, but you have to be aware what this may say about your business, plus how restrictive the service may be for running a business website in the first place.

Free is not all always what it’s cracked up to be.

Free often makes your business look low-budget, fly-by-night or amateurish and often do not come fully featured.

Also, you may find yourself, without necessarily being aware, promoting the web hosting service more ardently than your own business.

After all  this is  how they compensate for not charging you a fee. In fact, some free sites may even limit your capability to allow your visitors to make online  purchases.

Well, if truth be told – your free website is not really yours.  It’s the property of the business providing the service, who  can stipulate what you can and cannot do. And can close down at anytime without notice.

Mind you, having just been reminded, there are also plenty of managed hosting services such as WIX and Squarespace.  Where the burden of having to deal with the actual hosting of your website is done for.

The only thing now is that you are restricted by the fact that you do not have access to a control panel in the same way that you have for a self-hosted site.

Many free website hosting companies are aimed towards offering sites to individuals for personalised blogs.  And  not for professional entrepreneurs hoping to market and sell items.

In the event that you select a free hosting company for your website, make sure to look at the TOS, terms of service, to be sure marketing focused websites are allowed.

No matter what web hosting provider you decide on, make sure you look at their control panel.

The Control Panel

The control panel will be your command center for the website. This is where you will find email options,  file transfer importing functions, plus add-ons such as WordPress Install, or eCommerce store software.

As with Bluehost, make sure that the cPanel of your hosting service is easy to navigate, also check for any additional features and that they are compatible with your setup.

If you have no programming skills make sure you have access to instructions and video tutorials.

However ideally you will want a service that allows you to keep clear of any programming whatsoever. Unless of course this is something you would like to learn.

Traffic Load and Bandwidth

Initially, most new website owners do not need to be concerned much with bandwidth, as it usually takes a while to start generating traffic.

However, when your traffic does increase, if your website does not have the adequate data transfer rate, visitors may be greeted by an error page.

Make sure to do your research when choosing a web site hosting service, and obtain the best you can afford. Think long term…

Even when you find a reasonably priced hosting service, make sure that it meets all of your website traffic, marketing and growth expectations.

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