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 [republished Feb 2017]
Retouched Or Photoshopped For A Calendar Design
T-shirt Design: Independence Day St.Lucia

Photoshop and Illustrator Artwork – Calendar Design.

Finding a suitable flag or cloth to mimic a flag, one that was large enough to achieve that flowing in the wind effect, against a firm figure signifying independence, was difficult…But no problem!

Retouching or Photoshop – whatever you call it.  You need a decent photograph to start with.

The model was originally photographed wrapped in white fabric and the flag was added later…

independence day st.lucia - Retouched Or Photoshopped For A Calendar Design
The final image vs the image before retouching.

The first thing to do here is carefully cut out the outline of the white fabric. Personally, using photoshop, I like to do this by actually drawing a path around the shape and using this as my mask.

So, I will continue in the way that I work, aware of the fact that there are software updates and perhaps quicker methods of achieving the same objective.

calendar images of saint lucia - Retouched Or Photoshopped For A Calendar Design
Other Calendar images.

However in saying the above, the methods I use often take into consideration the optimising and repurposing of the artwork. You can see what I mean above with the t-shirt design, or as you go through the steps below:

GD2010-CARICOM.indd - Retouched Or Photoshopped For A Calendar Design


quick steps, one: the following walk-through assumes you have some familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator or any other similar graphics packages.

So, to first give the fabric the blue flag colour, in Photoshop or your alternative choice of editing software, duplicate the layer just in case then draw your vector path around the items you wish to edit. In this case, I eventually drew around most of the main items in the image.

Depending on the breadth of your campaign, you can use the vector paths for creating illustrations and other graphics for t-shirts, banner ads, posters, book covers or where photography is not permitted, etc.

Quick steps, two: delete the background of the duplicate layer, leaving a layer with the white fabric dress only…

Once you have accurately drawn your vector path around the fabric, make the vector path active and invert delete your selection. Your intention here is to delete the background leaving just the white fabric dress. You will find yourself inclined to switch off the bottom layer to ensure that you have done so.

Now, you may turn the bottom layer back on, select the layer with the white fabric dress only. Next,  using the colour adjustments tools change to the desired colour.

You may find using the ‘hue saturation’ tool, with the colourize box checked, to perform this task satisfactorily.

Quick steps, three: finally you need to add the triangular shapes.

Use your vector drawing skills to create the three shapes that make up the flags pattern (i.e the shapes that represent the pitons), colour each shape on a layer of its own. After a little tinkering, I flattened the image and saved – ready for importing or uploading.

A small piece of advice before doing something like this, and especially when using items designed for specific purposes, is to check the prohibited uses.

Often items such as logos and other devices have guidelines which help protect the integrity of the artwork. You can see details on the Flag of Saint Lucia here.

Of course, this would have been far easier to demonstrate with a video, which is why I often recommend video training from Treehouse and

However, in this case, I am assuming you already have some knowledge with using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions below.

Images depicting St.Lucian traditions and events

The following or more images created for this calendar project. The image above aims at expressing the feeling of Independence and is part of a 12 image calendar that represent the different holidays and events celebrated on the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia.

The immediate image below represents Jounen Kweyol, an annual event where the Islands traditions are celebrated.

imagesofsaintlucia-lores-JOUNEN KWEYOL400 - Retouched Or Photoshopped For A Calendar Design


And not forgetting the precarious Fisherman’s Feast. Both of these employ the same techniques as the one explained above, (i.e. Independence Day) a simple case of drawing a vector path around the items you wish to edit and saving to a new layer in order to safely execute your editing or changes.

imagesofsaintlucia-lores-FISHERMANS-400 - Retouched Or Photoshopped For A Calendar Design

With the mermaid, be prepared to play around with the cloning and airbrush tool. Although digital retouching using a standard mouse is fine, it’s working in situations like this that you can really appreciate the use of a WACOM drawing stylus.


emancipation_saint lucia_ - Retouched Or Photoshopped For A Calendar Design


A slightly different approach here. Using multiple layers and ‘motion blur’. What was a chain fully intact, has been broken with the desired filters applied.

Hope you found this useful.
Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions below.

[Originally published on Oct 9, 2013]

get off auto tshirt - Retouched Or Photoshopped For A Calendar Design

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