What if you could email physical objects?

I mean really…like! create a 3D printed sweet or dessert, designed in your desired shape, patterns and taste . All built from layers of edible filaments.

You may well have shared a joke or two about emailing a friend a physical object in the past, and brushed it off as fanciful science fiction.

Well, actually emailing physical objects is possible… well, sort of.

Imagine Printed Food & Filament Recipes…

Just for fun, imagine in the future you may be able to email physical items, yep, delicious edibles sent over the internet to your friends, customers and… party guests?

Check out this possible future scenario.

Now watch these videos

 Starting with a brief explanation of what 3D Printing is.

3D Printing Materials

 Just some of the different types of material you can use for 3D printing.

3D Printing Food 

Infographic Transcript:

Hey, check out this delicious dessert I just made. Prepared with the healthiest chocolate, jam and a spongy – biscuity base.

Oh WOW!! that looks great! I could eat one right now (LOL).

Well come over, dinner won’t be ready until 6….

Oh no, I can’t….Music Practice!

I’ll email you one then…
You’ve got Chocolate 01-65 and Rasberry J01-43 filaments?

Yes, believe it or not, those are my favourite flavours.

Okay, the file is being sent this very moment…

Later that night it’s delicious Choco Flakes all round!