Search Engine Optimisation, But Which SEO Tools?

SEO Tools Basics And Why WordPress:

Shedding some light on your website’s activity, is a crucial practice for determining how best to move forward with the progress of your websites.

Even the most basic, but appropriate, SEO tools can provide you with more than sufficient data – that will help you make informed decisions to significantly enhance and improve your marketing efforts…

So What Are Experts Using to Enhance Their SEO Strategies?

Well,  starting from the very basics of employing the use of code and  ‘h’ tags, for example, which can be quite a mystery for those of us who are new to creating content for the internet, or even know any code for that matter. The only other thing to concern yourself with is finding a strategy that works best for your individual and specific type of website. 

SEO is not a simple fix once and leave activity…

Although there are many items that may well remain constant regarding your websites SEO.

However, constantly having to improve or tweak your SEO, seems to be an ongoing trend within the industry.

Fortunately, there are a number of website platforms, namely WordPress, that will help you intuitively build and learn how to format for SEO. But, bear in mind there are two WordPress options. The self-hosted option and the managed hosting option.

Now, WordPress, the self-hosted option,  alongside SEO tools or plugins such as; Yoast, Optimise Press, LongTail Pro, and Content Samurai, you can readily expand the thoroughness of your search engine optimization. 

So, if you really want to make a start at looking at your SEO and keeping on top of things right from the start. Even if just to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of Search Engine Optimization strategies, it may be a good idea to check out popular SEO services such as SEMrush and Moz. 

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In What Easy Ways Can Tools Improve My SEO Strategy?

Personally, I would answer that question with; “Tools cannot improve your SEO – good content improves SEO”. However, that would seem like a dumb reply for most experts that understand how SEO works. And how even the worse content can rank high amongst the popular search engines. Perhaps less so nowadays…

Anyway, depending on the SEO tools you use, they can be useful for an array of purposes such as helping you format your content without the necessity to know how or where to place any code.

As vague a question it may seem, as an entrepreneur, blogger, writer, artist, or even budding developer who may be unfamiliar with SEO. At some point, you realize the importance of the search engines being able to find you. And  you will inevitably ask the question;

How do I determine what my keywords are for my content?”

Or, you may ask;

“How do I make the description that appears in the Google search results – actually read, or, “say’ what I want it to say…”

Besides the obvious text related aspects of your website, there are other considerations for images and website loading speed to be considered.Now, if you use WordPress, naming your

Now, if you use WordPress, optimizing and naming your images’ ‘alt’ (alternative name) for example, is a cinch. So is entering the meta description that appears in the Google search results. In fact, WordPress combined with a few plugins and other integration makes for a really flexible and powerful platform.

And I know that Yoast will certainly help you quickly and easily resolve your ‘SEO phobia’ (if you have one). Yes, within a few clicks, Yoast will even help you create a sitemap – but don’t expect it to perform magic.

You can find one of my musings with Yoast here; an experiment with lorem ipsum.

So, to conclude, SEO tools will not make your content rank better. However, there are tools and strategies that will help you prepare your content to its optimum. You want the search engines to love your site. Not only that, remember SEO is also about your visitors having a seamless and enjoyable experience. So think about your visitors journey.


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